Frequently asked Questions

  • The more the better. Analyses using shorter pieces of text are generally unreliable. Make sure that you have at least 300 or more words. Please note that extensive texts (more than 30 pages) take some time to analyze.

  • The current version of Dechefr supports English. Swedish can be used but the Swedish version is not fully developed and can be considers as a work in progress.

  • Dechefr can be used a SaaS solution or installed on your premise. The on-premise installation allows organizations to handle classified information in accordance with their own regulations.

  • We do NOT save any text that is run through the tool. We do however save the results in your case archive for your use only - allowing you to compare cases. You can at any time delete the cases in your archive – please note that they will be deleted forever.

  • Dechefr employs two different risk assessment scores: the General Risk Score which is computer generated score that automatically assigns a risk score and a set of indicators which allows input/modifications from the analyst. The General Risk Score combines 37 different indicators to create a risk score. There are eight indicators that allows modification by the analyst. These indicators can be assessed manually or assisted by Dechefr that provides a suggestion if an indicator is present or not. The eight indicators are:

    -Expressions that indicate anger in the communication
    - Expressions that indicate grievance in the communication
    - us versus them thinking
    - communication of intent to harm a specific target
    Warrior mentality/military terminology
    -Interest in weapons and military/police violence
    Influences from previous offenders
    - Interest/admiration for previous offenders and/or copycat behaviour
    - extreme occupation with a person or a cause
    Linguistic alignment
    - linguistic ques or other markers that indicates that the individal is influenced by an ideology or a subculture
  • Yes, sure, but only if you have a tailored version of Dechefr – contact us for details.