Predict violent behavior with AI-powered analysis of written communication.

Imminent danger can be hiding in plain sight, embedded in social media feeds and dark corners of the web. Advance your threat assessment with automatic, evidence-based risk analysis of text. Speed up threat analysis and monitoring while saving hours of manual work with Dechefr, your new digital research assistant.

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Fast threat assessment with high accuracy

Speed up threat assessment and reduce workload for research teams, forensic linguists, psychologists and security experts. Put Dechefr to work for reliable, automatic linguistic and psychological text analysis that saves hours of work and reveals where further action is needed.

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Use any text source

Automatically evaluate text gathered from various sources such as social media, chat rooms, forum posts and e-mails to get a preliminary General Risk Score including Digital-7, Dechefr’s seven key risk indicators.

Connect linguistics with psychology

Dechefr's unique automated threat assessment complements linguistic analysis with a psychological signature, proven to predict the likelihood of violent behavior.

Compare results with known perpetrators

All risk indicators are presented in a standardized format, with the possibility to compare results against the normal population, known perpetrators, and cases in your Dechefr case archive.

Get evidence-based predictions

Dechefr is validated to predict violent behavior with high accuracy. Risk score prediction and individual risk indicators are designed to work with written language, based on a subset of established risk assessment frameworks such as TRAP-18.

Combine automatic and manual risk analysis with Digital-7.

Dechefr leverages Digital-7, a new threat assessment method that only requires written communication for structured analysis. Digital-7 comprises seven risk indicators that can be assessed both using Dechefr and manually. This allows you to use Dechefr for structured results, ready for verification — or as your fast track to a second opinion.

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  • Quickly see what’s going on. Free up time for in-depth analysis with automatic extraction of named entities, frequently used words and word colocation. Text characteristics such as readability score plus average word and sentence length are available at a glance.

  • Pinpoint threats in need of escalated response and use your resources wisely. Dechefr points out elevated risk level through an automatically calculated General Risk Score. To guide investigation, underlying risk indicators can be explored evaluated manually.

  • Monitor threat levels for online forums and individuals. Dechefr can help you through large volumes of text and produce a structured risk assessment. Results are presented in a standardized format to speed up comparisons.

  • Gain clues hidden in text to support diagnosis and reveal more details. In situations when the person of interest is not at hand, Dechefr can use text sources to detect personality traits associated with violent behavior.

  • Get the basic details served. Dechefr reduces time spent on fundamental text analysis while revealing the psychology behind the words. Need to add your own indicators? Get in touch! Dechefr can be tailored to spot the behaviors and characteristics needed to drive your research forward.